Interview: Gary Moat of BURNT OUT WRECK

Two years after the release of their debut album, Swallow, Burnt Out Wreck, founded by ex-Heavy Pettin’ drummer Gary Moat, released their follow-up, hard-rocking record, This Is Hell. We talk to Gary about his transition from stickman to frontman and how he and his band of brothers managed to record an entire album in just five days.

ANTIHERO: You dropped your sophomore album This Is Hell on 11st October – how would you say your new material compares to your 2017 album, Swallow? 

Gary Moat: Well, on first hearing the new material has got a much bigger, harder-edged sound and production. The lyrics are way more angry compared to Swallow and seems to have stepped up a gear!

ANTIHERO: The first single released from the new album was opening track, “Dead Or Alive” – what is the song about and why did you choose it for the opener?

Gary Moat: It`s a car song, simple as that really! Made a change from singing about women, lol! I needed to write something faster and it was obvious that it would be ideal for playing live on stage as our opening song so hey, it got the job! 

ANTIHERO: Do you have a favourite song on the record?

Gary Moat: I love them all of course! I’m very proud of the album.

ANTIHERO: How long did it take to write and record the new album and what did the process involve?

Gary Moat: Well, where do I start? I always write and record ideas and keep them on file for the future, so some of these songs started life many years ago and some were just written for the album. I got a text from my wife/manager that said, “I`ve booked eleven days studio time for April, so get some songs together!” I was in full-on panic mode, as I had less than two months to get nine songs done from start to finish and then get the band to learn them! We recorded the album with Steve Rispin in five days. Paul did the drums on day one; Al, Miles, Adrian and I did all the rest in five days, leaving Steve five days to mix it all! The immense pressure obviously took its toll on us all in the process but hearing the response to the album from around the world has definitely made it worth it. Thanks to everyone out there who has bought the album!

ANTIHERO: You were the drummer and main songwriter for Heavy Pettin’ before joining Mother’s Ruin and then forming Burnt Out Wreck in 2016 – how have you found the transition from drummer to frontman?

Gary Moat: Myself and Gordon were the main songwriters in Pettin’ and we also formed Mother’s Ruin together back in 1991, so that’s when I left drumming to be the frontman, only because it made sense for me to sing my own ideas really. 

ANTIHERO: How did you develop your distinctive vocal style? Do you get compared to any other singers?

Gary Moat: I`ve been singing and writing since I was young, and I tended to listen to AC/DC, Judas Priest and Saxon to name but a few and yes, people hear all of these singers coming out in my voice – it’s only natural, I guess!

ANTIHERO: What are your plans for 2020?

Gary Moat: We have been asked to play abroad next year, possibly Japan and/or Australia, but it’s a challenge with the band members with day jobs and families, so nothing’s set in stone as yet. We have also got some festivals later next year but again we have to wait for them to be announced. There won’t be another album next year but I am always writing new tunes, so you never know, do you?!

ANTIHERO: What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a new band?


Gary Moat: Trying to stay focused on the bigger picture. It`s tough out there! In 2019 too many bands were all trying to get the same gigs and venues are shutting down due to lack of money/people through the door!

ANTIHERO: What are the most important lessons you’ve learned from your previous experiences in the industry?

Gary Moat: I would say watch your back basically – you never know who is watching you, especially with social media. Every bugger wants to put the knife in – what a world we have created! 

ANTIHERO: What is the ultimate goal for Burnt Out Wreck? 

Gary Moat: Just to make good Rock albums for everyone and get out and play live – that’s where we come alive! Thanks for talking to me!

Burnt Out Wreck are:

  • Gary Moat – Lead Vocals
  • Adrian Dunn – Lead Guitar & backing vocals
  • Miles Goodman  – Rhythm Guitar & backing vocals
  • Alex Carmichael – Bass
  • Paul Gray – Drums




Upcoming tour dates:
6th  Dec – The Wharf Theatre / Travistock, supporting The Pete Way Band

17th Jan – Great British Rock and Blues Festival / Skegness
26th  Jan – Real-time / Chesterfield
28th Jan – The Robin 2 / Wolverhampton, supporting The Pete Way Band
7th Feb – Hard Rock Café / Glasgow
8th Feb – Bannermans / Edinburgh


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