Industrial Metal Project, Binary Order Reveals ‘The Future Belongs To The Mad’ LP


November 13, 2023 – UK industrial project, Binary Order has revealed details about their forthcoming full-length LP, The Future Belongs To The Mad due out November 28th.

Work on The Future Belongs To The Mad took place over the course of nine months, from December 2022 until August 2023, and was written, produced and performed by Benjamin Blank. Containing twelve tracks of industrial metal, IDM and electronic cyberpunk inspired soundscapes, The Future Belongs To The Mad is a sprawling, epic, multi genre soundtrack to our own oblivion.

“It’s never easy to be honest about these kind of things, but I feel it’s important with this release to be so. The Future Belongs To The Mad was written during possibly the most difficult period I’ve ever had to get through – a period I’m not actually done dealing with – and one from which I now fear I shall never depart.

This album is an expression of my own inability to find meaning or purpose in life. And the utter disdain and emotional distraught that comes from the accumulation of living like that year, after year, after year. With this album I’ve managed to turn something that is for all intents and purposes destroying me, and created what is without any doubt in my mind, the greatest accomplishment of my life.

I don’t know if there is going to be anymore Binary Order after this. Finishing this album felt like an impossibility at one point, and now it’s done I feel like I am too. I hope anyone who listens to this can find something of value for within it. If not then I just appreciate having this platform to express myself in this way because it has kept me alive.” – Benjamin Blank

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