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Today, powerhouse rock band FOZZY are thrilled to release their new music video for their single “Spotlight”. With the superstar showmanship of front-man CHRIS JERICHO, tag-teamed with guitar genius RICH WARD, FOZZY are a band that have always pushed the boundaries both sonically and artistically over their twenty plus year career. From performing three shows across America in one day, to filming a music video on one of the fastest hair raising roller coasters in the world, the band lives up to their reputation again with their “Spotlight” video.

Never falling short in creating innovative, imaginative videos, “Spotlight” is no exception in the FOZZY Universe. Filmed by Exceleration Media and Firefly Drone Shows, the ground breaking video features hundreds of live drones that light up the night sky to co-star in this first ever Drone Show music video. It’s a full out assault on your eyes, ears, brain, and remaining senses, as JERICHO braves the elements.

To fully capture the magnitude of the night flying drones for the video, FOZZY’S creative team brought the concept to Firefly Drone Shows, who are recognized as the innovation leader in the drone light show industry.

“The concept was to design an exciting drone show based on the ‘Spotlight’ lyrics, and bring the drone performance to life directly behind Chris Jericho. The end result is a thrilling music video that took months of planning and programming to make possible,” said Firefly Drone Shows Co-Founder Ryan Sigmon.

According to FOZZY Co-founder and Guitarist Rich Ward, “When we came up with the concept of doing a drone show video, we knew the only person who could pull this off was Chris. Who else could conduct hundreds of drones to streak through the sky while creating images 800 feet tall and over 1000 feet wide? Bringing a music video concept to life, especially one that has never been pulled off before, can be challenging because of the multitude number of unknowns. With that said, it was completely worth the challenge and we hope you enjoy “Spotlight” as much as we enjoyed making it!”

The single for “Spotlight” demonstrates Fozzy’s evolving sound, melding rock and metal with powerful emotion and musical might. “Spotlight” was produced with precision by Johnny Andrews (THREE DAYS GRACEALL THAT REMAINSHALESTORM) and sonically refined by mixer Jacob Hanson (VOLBEATAMARANTHEARCH ENEMY). “Spotlight” earned the #2 Most Added song this week at National Rock Radio, and with Six consecutive Top 20 singles including a Gold Single with “Judas”, Fozzy is steadily becoming one of the most successful bands on current Rock Radio.


Fozzy has shared the stage in recent years with the likes of METALLICAKISSIRON MAIDENAVENGED SEVENFOLDSHINEDOWNSLASHTHREE DAYS GRACE, and many more. They light up every stage they play on with their electricity and charisma, making Fozzy one of the hottest live rock acts in the world today.

North American Tour Dates:
10/26 @ IA Wooly’s – Des Moines
10/27 @ Bourbon Theater – Lincoln, NE
10/28 @ Icon Event Hall – Sioux Falls
10/29 @ Lyric Theater – Minneapolis, MN
10/30 @ Sanctuary Events Center – Fargo, ND
11/02 @ Gewal Hall – Lansing, MI
11/03 @ The Annex – Madison, WI
11/04 @ District 142 – Wyandotte, MI
11/05 @ BMI Event Center – Versailles, OH
11/06 @ Lafayette’s – Memphis, TN
01/26 – 01/30 @ Chris Jericho Cruise – Miami, FL

Tickets, VIP, Meet & Greet Information



FOZZY: Fan Owned, Band Operated Since 1999

Chris Jericho – vocals
Rich Ward – guitars, vocals
Grant Brooks – drums
Billy Grey – guitars
PJ Farley – bass

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