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Concert Photos: HIM and CKY at the Fillmore – Charlotte

HIM & CKY – Bang & Whimper 2017 – The Farewell

The Fillmore – Charlotte, NC – 7 Novermber 2017

What a night of nostalgia! I have waited years to see both HIM or CKY live. They always came to town, but I just was never able to make it. To catch them both on the same night was truly amazing. My inner 20-something skater and prankster self would have been thrilled.

CKY hit the stage as a three piece with guitarist Chad I Ginsburg now taking on vocal duties as well as guitar (after the departure of original vocalist/guitarist, Deron Miller), with bassist, Matt Deis and drummer, Jess Margera. The set was a well-balanced mixture of their skater and Jackass anthems, as well as new tracks off their recent album, The Phoenix.

With it being their farewell tour, it was bittersweet seeing HIM on stage for my first and last time. I have always had a soft spot for their brand of “love metal”. Ville Valo and band play with great musicianship and passion, and they will definitely be missed.

Be sure to catch the Bang & Whimper 2017 – The Farewell Tour when it comes to your town.




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