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Concert Photos: ERRA at Reverb in Reading, PA


Sumerian 10 Year Tour – Reverb – Reading, PA – 28 May 2016

Photos by Scott Smith

To celebrate a decade of success, Sumerian Records kicked off the Sumerian 10 Year Tour this past February. ERRA performed at the second to the last show at the Reverb in Reading, PA.

ERRA followed Bad Omens, featuring new singer, J.T. Cavey. Cavey replaced Ian Eubanks after his amicable 2015 departure. Cavey did not disappoint with his live performance, showcasing great vocal range. Despite the heavy vocals, it didn’t appear that Cavey broke a sweat and his singing was effortless throughout the set. The band played for approximately 30 minutes, with a selection of songs from their latest album, Drift, including “The Hypnotist” and “Irreversible.” The remaining tunes came from their 2013 release, Augment.

Photos by Scott Smith


Scott Smith

I specialize in sports and live event photography. I've had the opportunity to shoot many local and national bands, including Clutch, Slayer, King Diamond, Hellyeah and Dave Davies to name a few. I've also covered school sporting events in the York County, Philadelphia and Baltimore areas including ice hockey, soccer and lacrosse.

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