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Concert Photos: DROPKICK MURPHYS at the Fillmore – Charlotte


The Fillmore – Charlotte, NC – 09 March 2018

In my older sentimental years and as a father, husband, and a fan of timeless music, I find myself often searching for music with some deep meaning.  Something blue collar that speaks to me and that I can relate to.  I first heard DKM when the Blackout album came out and was immediately hooked.  DKM is a band that speaks proudly about family, friends, love, values, the hard-working man, and remembering where you came from and that’s something that I’ve always been about.  Mix that with some Celtic punk and you have yourself a musical masterpiece. 

The boys from Boston were back in town on March 9th, and it couldn’t have been a better time for me personally.  Sometimes we need to be reminded about the values the band is all about and to have them shove it down your throat live, the week before St. Patrick’s Day, is the best way to be reminded.  When the curtain dropped, the band was already blasting through the show opener, “The State Of Massachusetts“, and then blasting us immediately with fan favorite, The Boys Are Back.  The band, with many members playing multiple instruments, from electric guitar to tin whistle to bagpipes, shows us true musicianship and you can feel the passion come from the stage and slap you in the face.  After a handful of fan favorites and a couple covers, the band ends the night with “Shipping Up To Boston“, leaving the green-wearing crowd begging for more. 

All photos © Maq Brown Photography


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