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Concert Photos: DIRTY HONEY in Kansas City

Midland Theater | Kansas City, MO | 11 October 2019

Dirty Honey is the first band EVER in the history in mainstream rock charts to have a #1 song without being signed to a label. In less than six months, they are 2019’s only new, independent artist to climb the charts all the way to #1 with their debut single “When I’m Gone,” all while racking up five million+ streams for their self-titled EP. This truly DIY bluesy rock act plays high-¬energy, passionate, loaded¬-with¬-attitude rock’n’roll. They can count The Who and Slash as fans (and have opened for both) and were chosen to support Guns N’Roses on the final two dates of its “Not In This Lifetime Tour” (Nov. 1 & 2, Las Vegas, NV).

Music press has also shown their love for Dirty Honey – the band was recently chosen as iHeart Radio’s “On The Verge” Rock artist and as NPR Music has said about the band, “Don’t believe anyone if they tell you ‘rock is dead.’ Dirty Honey rocks in the best possible way.”

All photos by Thomas Woroniak Photography

Dirty Honey

All photos by Thomas Woroniak Photography


Thomas Woroniak

Owner/Editor/Photographer/Journalist at AntiHero Magazine -- Thomas is a concert photographer and writer living in the Kansas City, MO area. When he isn't elbowing people in the photo pit, he makes an actual living as a web developer and freelance motion graphics designer. He is also a guitarist and studied music composition at the University of Illinois at Chicago -- Author: Thomas Woroniak

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