Band Joins Forces with Acclaimed Manager, JIMMY WARREN, to Dominate NEW WAVE OF CLASSIC ROCK Scene!

In a strategic move that promises to propel their music career to new heights, BOURBON HOUSE is thrilled to announce their official partnership with FRETBAR RECORDS, a highly regarded and innovative, independent rock music label renowned for their roster of exciting new rock acts.

Bourbon House is edgy, powerful and captivating. That’s why we are excited to announce that FRETBAR RECORDS has added BOURBON HOUSE to our roster of artists for the label and management. Bourbon House is a real force of rock on the music scene and a band to watch closely. Lacey’s vocals are over the top, while Jason’s guitar work is powerful and catchy.” JIMMY WARREN (Manager)

With their infectious melodies, electrifying performances, and distinctive, bluesy rock sound, BOURBON HOUSE has quickly captured the hearts of rock enthusiasts across the globe. This exciting collaboration with JIMMY WARREN is set to amplify their impact on the music industry, while solidifying their presence as a rising force in the New Wave of Classic Rock scene.

Fretbar Records is very connected to the new classic rock, southern, bluesy side of the modern rock music scene, which is something we’ve been looking for. Jimmy Warren and his team have welcomed us with open arms and we’re excited to work with them!” – LACEY CROWE (Vocals)

FRETBAR RECORDS brings a wealth of experience and a track record of success to the table. Led by JIMMY WARREN, the team’s dynamic approach and support will empower BOURBON HOUSE to explore new horizons, seize unique opportunities, and navigate the complex landscape of the independent rock music world.

1. Resonate
2. Love is a Killer
3. Out for Blood
4. High Road Gypsy
5. 20 to Life
6. Villain
7. Hotel Bar Blues
8. Blue Magic
9. Wild Days
10. Devil on My Heels Acoustic (Live)
11. High Road Gypsy Acoustic (Live)

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Founded in 2017 by vocalist Lacey Crowe and guitarist Jason Clark, Bourbon House are a modern rock ‘n’ roll band whose music is heavily inspired by their timeless predecessors Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Bad Company, to name a few. Following up their first album was Wild Abandon (2018), Into The Red (2021) and their most recent release, The Fourth Album (2023).

Managing themselves under their own label, Steel Jacket Records, Bourbon House have been on an upward trajectory since their debut. They made Classic Rock Magazine’s “Hot List” with a full page feature, were named one of 15 Rising Rock Bands by acclaimed music journalist Matt Wake, climbed Matt Pinfield’s Weekly Rock Countdown, and have been invited to perform at several music festivals this year.

At the center of Bourbon House’s music are Crowe’s unique blues-rock vocals and Clark’s gritty, bluesy guitar riffs. Their music is honest and their love for the human aspect of pure rock ‘n’ roll, as well as the desire to create an escape within their music, is the driving force behind their prolificity.

With more music to follow the release of The Fourth Album, festival slots, and their need to be in a continuous mode of creation, Bourbon House are poised for a strong presence in 2023.

In the summer of 2023, Bourbon House signed to FRETBAR RECORDS.

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