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All Human Release “I’m Afraid” Single as Free Download

Progressive indie duo All Human has recently released their new album Teenagers, You Don’t Have To Die and today they’ve teamed up with Idobi Radio to offer a free download of the single “I’m Afraid”.

That is the first song I ever wrote fully on piano,” says vocalist Adam Fisher. “I was quite excited. Its a very simple progression, but Id never really done that before. Lyrically its just about feeling like you’ll never get to do all the things you want to do. When writing i just kind of locked myself away all day every day and was feeling that isolation. It also preys on the whole nostalgia thing. Missing running around in the woods and catching snakes and climbing trees. We grow up and lose touch with some of our values we held when we were kids.

The hypnotic and dreamy album was written and recorded while Fisher (from Fear Before the March of Flames/Orbs) and his counterpart Brian Ferrara (Trophy Scars) were living on opposite sides of the country.

I feel like having that isolation from each other when tracking our ideas in our demos brought out what we were both feeling in the time-frame we had done everything,” says Ferrara. “There was lots of experimentation and trial and error.

Download the single “I’m Afraid” here for free and get the full album Teenagers, You Don’t Have To Die now on iTunes.



About All Human:

All Human is Adam “Rupert” Fisher (Fear Before the March of Flames/Orbs) and Brian Ferrara(Trophy Scars). The two met briefly in 2007 when Trophy Scars stayed at Fear Before the March of Flames’ house in Colorado while touring, and then again in 2009 when touring together doing “The Hunt for Shred October” tour in Canada. Adam and Brian collided once again when Orbs (ft. Dan Briggs of Between the Buried and Me), and Trophy Scars decided to do a couple of tour dates in the northeast. They had kept in touch, but both had other musical endeavors they’d been pursuing at that time.

Seven years later, in April 2014, Adam reached out to Brian asking about playing on his newest material — being a big fan of Adam’s work, it was an easy decision for Brian to make. They kind of went into it blindsided due to living on opposite sides of the country(Adam in CA and Brian in NJ). However, they hit it off right away, and found themselves on the exact same page, time and time again. They sent demos back and forth to each other for a few months, and Brian went into the studio in July 2014 to record drums to everything they agreed should be on the record. After 17 tracks with mixed in electronics, eerie soundscapes, and catchy riffs all together to craft one giant piece of art for the listener, All Human presents “Teenagers, You Don’t Have to Die.”

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