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Album Review: FIN’AMOR – Forbidding Mourning

Fin'amor - Forbidding MourningFirst spin of Fin’amor’s self-released debut album, Forbidding Mourning, would lead you to believe that this group hails from somewhere in the Nordic area of Northern Europe. However, the six-piece death/doom outfit’s home base is located in the most unlikely of places – Brooklyn, New York.

The seven tracks showcase a diverse combination of death and doom-filled with haunting melodies and ethereal ambience, while vocalist Benjamin Meyerson effortlessly blends harsh death metal vocals with a deep gothic baritone that resonates throughout the album. Piano and keyboard elements add to the gothic atmosphere, and keyboardist Nodar Khutortsov does an excellent job at shifting the listener’s attention between the guitars and keys, while providing enough space to allow the rest of the band to gel within the mix.

Opening track “Bleed the Oceans” begins boldly with a piano waltz melody before breaking into the dark and heavy guitar-driven riff and death growl vocals. “I Am Winter” connects with the cold despair of Nordic winters, and fans of My Dying Bride and Katatonia will find solace here.

Overall, Forbidding Mourning is a fantastic combination of European-influenced death/doom and diverse ethereal gothic elements, making Fin’amor a band to keep an eye on.

FIN’AMOR Lineup:
Benjamin Meyerson- Vocals
Julian Chuzhik- Guitar
Raphael Pinsker- Guitar
Nodar Khutortsov- Keyboard
Slava Morozov- Bass
Eugene Bell- Drums

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Check out the “Natura” video



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