Friday, 20 October 2017
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Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Album Reviews

Album Review: PARADISE LOST – Medusa

Paradise Lost - Medusa

Normally, it is customary to begin metal reviews with a quick summary of the history of the band in question, detailing their highs, lows and the immediate build-up to their brand new release. However, today, we will be discussing Paradise Lost: a band that needs no introduction. For almost thirty …

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Album Review: DED – Mis-An-thrope


For Arizona-based heavy metal act, Ded, it seemed like something was missing from the music genre they loved. Ded was formed from a friendship that blossomed into a musical relationship. With a strong Dedication to create something different, the band quickly got to work on their first full-length album. With …

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Album Review: DECAPITATED – Anticult

Decapitated - Anticult

Decapitated first started out as… well, as a band that sounded exactly like you’d expect a band named Decapitated to sound. After a trio of acclaimed death metal albums, they began experimenting with other genres of metal, adding more sounds to their arsenal with each album. On their seventh record, …

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Album Review: ORIGIN – Unparalleled Universe


Hailing from the unlikely locale of Topeka, KS, Origin have been near the top of the death metal scene since their inception, steadily delivering acclaimed albums every few years. It’s been three years since their latest release, and like clockwork, 2017 brings their seventh full-length, Unparalleled Universe. “Infinitesimal To The …

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