Sunday, 17 December 2017
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Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Album Reviews

Album Review: IGORRR – Savage Sinusoid

Savage Sinusoid

Since 2003, Gautier Serre has crafted an experimental music identity comprising myriad nuanced influences. His primary project is Igorrr, which aims to seek harmony within the classical and modern. Its sound comprises a heavy metal foundation accentuated by baroque, jungle and industrial flesh tones, which are often utilized collectively in …

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Album Review: THE CONTORTIONIST – Clairvoyant


Indianapolis’s The Contortionist is one of the most lauded and adored bands of today’s experimental metal underground, with a very niche yet adoring fan-base all their own ready to worship this quintet’s every avant-garde move. All of this comes as a surprise given the now-acclaimed group’s unassuming origins: after all, …

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Album Review: ARCH ENEMY – Will To Power

Arch Enemy

In 2014, Swedish melodic death metal darlings Arch Enemy hit new commercial and critical heights with War Eternal. The quintet’s ninth album overall, it marked the debut of now-beloved frontwoman Alissa White-Gluz, who quickly became regarded as one of the most badass singers in the entire modern music sphere. It …

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Album Review: PARADISE LOST – Medusa

Paradise Lost - Medusa

Normally, it is customary to begin metal reviews with a quick summary of the history of the band in question, detailing their highs, lows and the immediate build-up to their brand new release. However, today, we will be discussing Paradise Lost: a band that needs no introduction. For almost thirty …

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Album Review: DED – Mis-An-thrope


For Arizona-based heavy metal act, Ded, it seemed like something was missing from the music genre they loved. Ded was formed from a friendship that blossomed into a musical relationship. With a strong Dedication to create something different, the band quickly got to work on their first full-length album. With …

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Album Review: DECAPITATED – Anticult

Decapitated - Anticult

Decapitated first started out as… well, as a band that sounded exactly like you’d expect a band named Decapitated to sound. After a trio of acclaimed death metal albums, they began experimenting with other genres of metal, adding more sounds to their arsenal with each album. On their seventh record, …

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