Wednesday, 22 November 2017
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Interview: Lynn Sorensen of HEAVEN & EARTH

Lynn Sorensen

A Conversation with Bassist Lynn Sorensen of Heaven & Earth ANTIHERO: I want to talk primarily about the new Heaven & Earth album which has just been released. I was actually quite surprised and really quite ashamed that I had not actually come across Heaven & Earth previously. This album …

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Interview: DEUCE


Antihero Magazine’s James Geiser had the opportunity to chat with rapper, producer and singer DEUCE about his upcoming release, “Invincible”, which will be out on December 1st via Better Noise Records. Portland based and Los Angeles bred rapper, producer and singer DEUCE has announced that his latest album, Invincible, will be …

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Interview: Phillip Vilenski of WAYLAND


Antihero Magazine‘s James Geiser had the opportunity to chat with guitarist Phillip Vilenski of Wayland about their latest release, Rinse & Repeat. Watch the interview below! Over the last few years the genre of rock has been pulled in so many different directions, leaving timeless vocal melodies and guitars to …

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Adrian Vandenberg

A Conversation with Adrian Vandenberg of Vandenberg’s MoonKings Four years after Adrian Vandenberg made a spectacular comeback with Vandenberg’s Moonkings the band returns with a sophomore album, simply titled MK II. The album has all the qualities of the debut: once again the four-piece band manages to create a perfect …

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Interview: Paolo Gregoletto of TRIVIUM


Antihero Magazine‘s James Geiser had the opportunity to chat with bassist Paolo Gregoletto of Trivium about their latest release, THE SIN AND THE SENTENCE. Trivium have returned with their acclaimed new LP THE SIN AND THE SENTENCE to take the top spot on both Billboard’s ‘Top Rock Albums’ and ‘Hard …

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Interview: Ryan VanderWolk of DEATH RATTLE

death rattle

I caught up with DEATH RATTLE right as they were heading out for tour and so I had RYAN VANDERWOLK who plays guitar for the band fill out the infamous “Tour Email Interactive Interview” whilst they motored down the highway! Their record VOLITION dropped on October 20, 2017 and Lovelies, …

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Interview: Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal of SONS OF APOLLO

Sons of Apollo

SONS OF APOLLO, comprised of former Dream Theater members Mike Portnoy and Derek Sherinian, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (ex-Guns N’ Roses), Billy Sheehan (The Winery Dogs, Mr. Big) and Jeff Scott Soto (ex-Journey, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force). The band’s highly anticipated debut album, PSYCHOTIC SYMPHONY, was recently released on October 20, …

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Smile Empty Soul

Antihero Magazine journalist James Geiser spoke to Smile Empty Soul in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Smile Empty Soul is a hard rock trio that originated in Los Angeles, CA in the late 1990’s and has stayed true to their brand of “no bullshit”, “real as it gets” hard rock to this …

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Interview: Dani Filth of CRADLE OF FILTH

Dani Filth

Anya Svirskaya recently chatted with Dani Filth about Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay, the twelfth studio album from Cradle of Filth, release on 22 September 2017 through Nuclear Blast Records. ANTIHERO: Thank you for taking the time to speak. Congratulations on the new record. How has the fan reaction …

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Interview: John Levén of EUROPE


Walking the Earth with Europe Bassist John Levén  To many rock fans Europe solely represent a band with a hit single in the eighties called “The Final Countdown”, and that is essentially all that they tend to know about them. However, dig a little deeper and the fact that the band are …

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Madame Mayhem

Antihero Magazine journalist James Geiser spoke to Madame Mayhem in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Manhattan-born singer-songwriter, Madame Mayhem™, is a true rocker with an eclectic style in every aspect of life. With her ‘in your face’ attitude, Mayhem is definitely the right word to describe this extreme artist. She began to …

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American Head Charge

Antihero Magazine’s Mark Dean had the recent opportunity to catch up with American Head Charge when the band made a stop in Manchester, UK. ANTIHERO: American Head Charge is finally back in the UK again after a few false starts maybe and times that you were meant to come over …

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Interview: Attila Csihar of MAYHEM


Antihero Magazine’s Anya Svirskaya recently had the opportunity to talk with Hungarian black metal vocalist Attila Csihar of Mayhem about the extreme metal scene and the band’s De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Tour. ANTIHERO: Hello, how are you? Thank you for taking the time to speak, where are you calling from? …

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Interview: Matt Snell of INVIDIA


Antihero Magazine‘s James Geiser spoke with bassist Matt Snell of Las Vegas-based Metal band Invidia. Check out the interview right here!! ABOUT INVIDIA: It may sound trite, but Invidia is truly a brotherhood. When they came together to make As The Sun Sleeps, they knew just what they didn’t want and …

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Interview: Ron Totman of THE PARALLEL

The Parallel

Antihero Magazine‘s James Geiser spoke with drummer Ron Totman of Canadian progressive hardcore outfit The Parallel. Check out the interview right here!! Since the release of 2015’s “Embark” EP on Subliminal Groove Records, The Parallel has continued to bring progressive, cascading instrumentals to the fore with a unique and high-octane …

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