Friday, 21 July 2017


Interview: Charles Gama of PROJECT BLACK PANTERA


Antihero Magazine photojournalist Scott Martin spoke with vocalist/guitarist Charles Gama of Brazilian crossover metal trio, Project Black Pantera. ANTIHERO: How would you describe Project Black Pantera‘s sound? Charles Gama: It’s difficult to describe the sound of the Black Pantera because we are a mixture of everything that we grew up listening to as punk, metal, and …

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Interview: Joe Cotela of DED


Antihero Magazine‘s James Geiser spoke to frontman Joe Cotela of Arizona’s rising metal act, Ded, about the band’s upcoming debut release, ‘Mis-An-thrope‘. Ded is: Joe Cotela (Vocals) David Ludlow (Guitar) Kyle Koelsch (Bass) Matt Reinhard (Drums)     BIO:  If you’re not pissed off, then you’re not paying attention. Heavy …

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Interview: Ralph Salati of DESTRAGE


“You can try to put Destrage in a box but you will never succeed. Words such as “progressive”, “cinematic”, “mathcore”, “technical” and “groove-laden”, could be thrown at them, but really the only one you need is Destrage, for they are in a category of their own making. This has never …

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Tom Leu from SOUND MATTERS Radio >> Episode #020 interviews Jerry Dixon from Warrant to talk about the band’s latest album, Louder, Harder, Faster, his long tenure in Warrant, some overlooked music in Warrant’s back catalog, Jani Lane, Warrant’s “black years,” sobriety, and more… Inside the Interview: 02:26 – On the fact that …

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Interview: THE LAZYS

The Lazys

The quintet from Australia have finished recording and mixing their latest album (with producer Ian D’Sa of Billy Talent) here in Toronto. The two bands have known and worked alongside each other since The Lazys much talked about 3-gig appearance at the Canadian Music Week here in 2014. They split …

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Interview: Ryan Kirby of FIT FOR A KING

Fit For A King - Ryan Kirby

Antihero Magazine asked Fit For A King frontman, Ryan Kirby, a few questions about the band’s latest release, Deathgrip. Antihero: I wanted to start off by congratulating you on Deathgrip. All of us at Antihero feel it’s the band’s best record yet. Ryan Kirby: That’s what I like to hear! …

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Interview: Janet Gardner of VIXEN

Janet Gardner

Vixen were one of those bands tailor-made for the MTV era, a time when catchy melodies and attractive ladies were a successful combination. It was a completely different time for the music industry when it was big budget videos that directly transferred to millions of album sales for artists. Vixen themselves …

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