Friday, 15 December 2017
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Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Album Reviews

Album Review: ANTI-FLAG – American Fall


Known for their politically charged and current event fueled lyrics, Anti-Flag has solidified their place among the greats of no bullshit punk rock. With a devout and loyal fanbase behind the band, they continue to release music that speaks not only to the hearts of their audience but also to …

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Album Review: ALL GOOD THINGS – Machines

All Good Things

With a resume stacked with accomplishments, from usage of their music on television to introductions for WWE superstars, All Good Things have recently been thrown more and more into the spotlight, leaving the anticipation high for the release of their new record Machines. All Good Things have created a sound …

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Album Review: POWERMAN 5000 – New Wave

Powerman 5000

Who wouldn’t be intrigued by the cover art for POWERMAN 5000’s new record “NEW WAVE”? I mean, anyone that loves Frank from “DONNIE DARKO” (or finds that masked rabbit man wildly scary) and loves POWERMAN 5000 will bend like mercury and say, “Why, yes I will listen to this record…”! …

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Album Review: ALAZKA – Phoenix


RISING FROM THE ASHES TO NEW HEIGHTS, ALAZKA’S “PHOENIX” IS TRULY A REBIRTH There’s a possibility that upon hearing the first track or two off PHOENIX, that it bends your ear to a familiarity; and not just because there is something within the music either. It’s more than fitting into …

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Album Review: COMEBACK KID – Outsider

Comeback Kid

For what started as a side-project, Comeback Kid have certainly had an extensive career, releasing their sixth full-length Outsider in 2017, almost two decades after they formed. Those familiar with Comeback Kid will find Outsider instantly accessible, building on their base of hardcore skate-punk with whatever elements happen to augment …

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Album Review: BOBAFLEX – Eloquent Demons


After the release of their 7th studio album in 2015, “Anything That Moves”, rockers Bobaflex are back and have released their newest addition to their discography on the world. Eloquent Demons is the 8th release from the band, gaining much attention with their cover of Pink Floyd’s “Hey You” fans …

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