Monday, 19 March 2018
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Local Rock and Metal fans of all ages converged on The Fillmore Underground in Charlotte, N.C. for a memorable night of high energy music and to also celebrate the release of the new album titled Far From Strangers from the night’s headlining act, Reason Define. We spoke with the band before the show about the new album, which they described as “a step forward in their musical careers,” giving the band momentum as the concert season begins.

Once the band hit the stage, the large crowd immediately erupted into cheers, passing their energy to the musicians on stage. Playing songs from previous releases, their own rendition of Paramore’s “Misery Business,” and songs from the new release. In a fury of hair and jumping, Reason Define left absolutely everything they had on stage, giving their fans their all.

The bill consisted not only of the all-female rock band, but also another local female-fronted metal act, Blackwater Drowning, who’s high energy performance captured the crowd’s attention with their blend of hard-hitting, heavy vocals and melodic singing.

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Photos by James Geiser

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