Friday, 21 July 2017

Voices From Underground

Interview: Charles Gama of PROJECT BLACK PANTERA


Antihero Magazine photojournalist Scott Martin spoke with vocalist/guitarist Charles Gama of Brazilian crossover metal trio, Project Black Pantera. ANTIHERO: How would you describe Project Black Pantera‘s sound? Charles Gama: It’s difficult to describe the sound of the Black Pantera because we are a mixture of everything that we grew up listening to as punk, metal, and …

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Interview: ACEPHALIX


Antihero Magazine’s Scott Martin spoke with San Francisco’s Death Metal / Crust skull crushers Acephalix about their upcoming album Decreation, as well as the band’s early influences. Scott Martin: Tell me about how the band was formed? Kyle House: Dan and I met in 2006 in San Francisco and bonded …

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Interview: Jun-His of ORANSSI PAZUZU

Oranssi Pazuzu

In the extreme music realm, Finland’s Oranssi Pazuzu breathes a vibrant, multi-spectrum color palette onto an otherwise rough-hewn foundation. Based in Tampere, the band’s integration of psychedelic warmth is what individualizes them, solidifying an equally nuanced blend of classic-era rock and black metal. This approach has become increasingly refined in …

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Felix Martin

Antihero Magazine recently spoke to Venezuelan guitar virtuoso Felix Martin about his music background and his latest album, Mechanical Nations. Scott Martin: When you were growing up in Venezuela, who inspired you to play guitar? Felix Martin: I started out by playing Venezuelan music, and old tapping. But I admired …

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davey suicide

The 2017 Blood, Lust and Death Tour recently came to Arizona Pete’s, in Greensboro N.C. for a night of high-energy performances not only from the tour’s headliners, Combichrist and Dope, but also from opening acts September Mourning and Davey Suicide. This was Davey Suicide’s first major tour since the release …

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Reason Define

Local Rock and Metal fans of all ages converged on The Fillmore Underground in Charlotte, N.C. for a memorable night of high energy music and to also celebrate the release of the new album titled Far From Strangers from the night’s headlining act, Reason Define. We spoke with the band …

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