Sunday, 24 September 2017

Voices From Underground

Interview: Anders Brink of SEA

Anders Brink SEA

Antihero Magazine recently chatted with Anders Brink, singer and guitarist of Copenhagen-based rockers SEA, about the band’s history, the underground, plans for the near future and more! ANTIHERO: Can you just tell me a little bit how the band was started? Anders Brink: Sure. The bass player, Maico, and I, we grew up together …

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Interview: Charles Gama of PROJECT BLACK PANTERA


Antihero Magazine photojournalist Scott Martin spoke with vocalist/guitarist Charles Gama of Brazilian crossover metal trio, Project Black Pantera. ANTIHERO: How would you describe Project Black Pantera‘s sound? Charles Gama: It’s difficult to describe the sound of the Black Pantera because we are a mixture of everything that we grew up listening to as punk, metal, and …

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Interview: ACEPHALIX


Antihero Magazine’s Scott Martin spoke with San Francisco’s Death Metal / Crust skull crushers Acephalix about their upcoming album Decreation, as well as the band’s early influences. Scott Martin: Tell me about how the band was formed? Kyle House: Dan and I met in 2006 in San Francisco and bonded …

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Interview: Jun-His of ORANSSI PAZUZU

Oranssi Pazuzu

In the extreme music realm, Finland’s Oranssi Pazuzu breathes a vibrant, multi-spectrum color palette onto an otherwise rough-hewn foundation. Based in Tampere, the band’s integration of psychedelic warmth is what individualizes them, solidifying an equally nuanced blend of classic-era rock and black metal. This approach has become increasingly refined in …

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