Sunday, 26 February 2017

Tom Leu

Tom Leu is a music journalist & commentator, concert photographer, radio host & professional speaker from Rockford, IL. His writings, images, interviews, & seminars uncover layers within music, culture, & communications. >> 16IMAGING Photography >> SOUND MATTERS

Sound Matters: Mob Rules

Whatever you do or sell or promote, progress is all about successfully marketing to the mob. It’s about the people… a collection of people who dig what you do and choose to support you… (i.e. listen to you, “follow” you, become fans, “like” your pages, attend your events, and ultimately, “buy” your stuff). Whether it’s a concert, a conference, …

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Interview: Mike Tramp of WHITE LION

Mike Tramp

The fact that Mike Tramp is best known as the former lead singer of White Lion doesn’t do his nearly 40 year musical career justice. If you think you’ve got Mike pegged as simply the “Wait” singer and video star from the 80’s… you’re way off. He is in actuality, one …

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Sound Matters: Communication Breakdown

It matters little how good you are at your art, your business, or your craft; if your communication skills suck, your endeavors will suffer significantly. Whether you realize it or not, first impressions count, while second impressions define. In any human interaction, you are wise to convey to people that you are …

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Interview: Jack Russell of Jack Russell’s Great White

Jack Russell

Sometimes, the interviews I conduct end up being pretty much business as usual… you know, cordial, but standard business and promotions exercises. That’s their primary purpose on the surface after all… But many times, interviews transcend simply the business stuff, and cross-over into the personal… these are most often the …

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Sound Matters: The Waiting

The single most difficult part of any success story is enduring the waiting. Waiting for whatever it is you think you want. Waiting for your big break or any break at all. Waiting for the day when you think you don’t have to wait anymore. The willingness to wait is worth a …

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Interview: Phil Collen of DEF LEPPARD

A Conversation with Phil Collen of Def Leppard Phil Collen of Def Leppard is a very busy guy… In addition to his day job as a guitarist in one of the most successful rock bands of all time, he’s also a producer, and part of at least two other band …

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Interview: Stephen Pearcy of RATT


A Conversation with Stephen Pearcy of RATT Stephen Pearcy of Ratt needs little introduction… As the lead vocalist of the multi-platinum band, RATT, to releasing his 4th solo album Smash via Frontiers Records on January 27th, to his racing interests, and the marketing of his line of products and books, …

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Sound Matters: Stay Hungry

Getting motivated or inspired is one thing. Maintaining motivation and sustaining inspiration is another thing all together… The legendary New York based-band, Twisted Sister, maintained their motivation and commitment to succeed by struggling on the club circuit in the Tri-State area for a full ten years before they “made it.” …

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Sound Matters: Tribute

In the debut episode of the Sound Matters: Music & Entertainment Talk with Tom Leu radio show, I discuss and pay tribute to Bob Coburn, the rock radio legend and longtime host of the syndicated interview show Rockline, who passed away on December 17, 2016… In the wake of so many …

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Interview: Wolf Hoffman of ACCEPT

Wolf Hoffmann

A Conversation with Wolf Hoffmann of Accept “The longer you do it, the more you realize you should take it for what it is. You can’t always measure it [success] by, “Oh, they’re selling more albums,” or, “They’re selling larger venues.” Fuck it. Who cares, man? We’re just doing what …

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Interview: Michael Sweet of STRYPER

Stryper embark on the historic 30th Anniversary tour of their classic album To Hell With The Devil.  Interview with Stryper’s Michael Sweet by Tommy Leu || Rock22 AntiHero’s Tommy Leu recently spoke to Stryper’s Michael Sweet for a second time during the band’s historic 30th Anniversary tour of their best-selling …

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Concert Review: Stryper with Firehouse at the Arcada Theatre, St. Charles, IL

STRYPER with FIREHOUSE Arcada Theatre || St. Charles, IL || September 23, 2016 Words and Photos by Tommy Leu || [separator style=”line” /] Allegiant. Ardent. Committed. Devoted. Resolute. That’s how I’d describe the fans and the scene at a STRYPER show… It’s intense, and definitely something worth experiencing for yourself if you haven’t …

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Michael Sweet releases his seventh solo album, One Sided War, via Rat Pak Records, as Stryper are about to embark on the 30th Anniversary tour of To Hell With the Devil Interview with Michael Sweet by Tommy Leu || Rock22 Maintaining a long and successful career in any business, but …

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