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Concert Reviews
Concert Review: MARILLION at Manchester Academy

Generally, live gig reviews feature a detailed breakdown of what tracks were performed during the evening. In this case that is not important. I think the focus of this evening should be more on the fusion of spiritual harmony and happiness…

Concert Reviews
Concert Review: EVANESCENCE at The Paramount in Huntington, NY

For some it might sound crazy to travel almost seven thousand kilometres to see a rock show. But when the Evanescence tour was announced, I just knew I had to be there. The last time the band played in Europe was in 2012, so there really was no other option – I was going. And you know what? It was more than worth it.

Concert Reviews
Concert Review: AVATAR with THE LAST BAND at O2 Academy Liverpool

There are two crowds converging on the O2 Academy in Liverpool, and they are very easily distinguishable. One is full of middle-aged parents and their sensibly-dressed offspring, here for the Christian rock band that is playing on one of the floors. The other crowd is a different matter altogether. Almost universally dressed in black, several with clownish face paint, it could only be one thing: A metal show.

Concert Reviews
Concert Review and Photos: JIMMY EAT WORLD at Manchester Academy

Playing Manchester Academy tonight are Arizona rockers, Jimmy Eat World, who are celebrating the release of their 9th studio album “Integrity Blues.” Released on 21 October 2016, the album remains true to the raw emotive style synonymous with previous releases, but allows for deviation into previously unexplored sounds. It signifies an interesting progression for the band, and I’ve been keen to see how they showcase this alongside their classic hits. It’s unsurprising that the show is a sell-out.

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