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We want to start with a big thank you. You gave us extensive feedback on all channels after the 2017 festival. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us as we constantly try to improve the festival and iron out mistakes. And 80,000 eyes clearly see more than 20.

The sanitary situation was admittedly “crappy” in some places last year. That is why we have completely redesigned and expanded the overall concept with our longtime partner SANI. The number of toilets will be increased by at least 35% over the entire festival area and the placement will be optimized. In the infield you will find now free flush toilets and fresh water at all stations. The number of urinals is also significantly increased. The Shit ‘n’ Shower Stations are equipped with a solid floor in the outdoor area. In addition, will be received at your request and converted to single cabins with coat hooks. Company SANI has assured us for 2018 a smooth process in emptying and cleaning of the sanitary facilities. The price for the Shit ‘n’ Shower Flat (12 €) will not be increased.

A new offer will be created on the camping site : The Ficken Party Stage will provide the area around the festival supermarket with a program. In the morning you can treat yourself to a traditional, Bavarian Weißwurst breakfast. In the afternoon you will be entertained by the Rock’n’Roll Wrestling Bash, the Fantasy Filmfest and a crisp band program in the form of Label Matinees: Here we give three record companies the opportunity to present their hopeful newcomer bands to a larger audience. At night there is party on the program with DJ sets from Radio Bob, Metal.de and Ficken Partyschnaps!

The Camel Stage shines in 2018 in new splendor: A new, larger stage concept with 18 × 49 meters roof and open side walls provides protection from sun and rain, without having to give up the open air feeling. In the future, up to 5,000 people will find space in front of the retreaded Camel Stage. The open design of the so-called “Paragu” offers an optimal view of the stage from three sides. This also means that larger bands can and will play on the Camel Stage, but do not worry, even the Underground with its hopeful newcomers will continue to play in full swing.

Access to the area in front of the Main Stage is again possible from both sides this year.

Power for your phones is a point that has also been mentioned very often in feedback. This year, we can offer four solutions: Globalcharger offers a free Power Bank rental service that allows you to shop on the go. Alternatively, you can buy Summer Breeze Charger. Our cooperation partners of the  BE Support GmbH will set up their stand near the supermarket and have battery cases on offer, which can be borrowed for a fee and provide your entire camp with power. The startup THE HELIA from the Netherlands will be attached to a few sunshades on the site of solar panels that feed a charging module to which you can connect your phones. Lockers of Carderobe will be twice as many this year.

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