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Next X-mas bunch of Wacken Open Air line-up additions!

In Flames
The Swedish Melodic Death Metal band In Flames certainly doesn’t need a huge presentation here – their shows at Wacken are in a class of their own, there is hardly another band, that gets so much energy activated within the crowd. 

Since its founding in 1990, the sound of the band has evolved continuously, each new album has its own peculiarities that sets it apart from its predecessors – and yet In Flames have always remained In Flames.

Whether the label Melodic Death Metal is still tenable or not, is a discussion that is busily conducted – but actually it is secondary, because the main thing is that the band continues to deliver as usual. And this happens of course!

Hardcore, Hatecore, Metalcore, Metallic Hardcore – many descriptions have already been used for Hatebreed. One thing is for sure: Hatebreed are kicking asses! The Americans are destroying everything since 1994. Their latest output was the album “The Concrete Confessional” in 2016 and we’re looking forward to hear the new material at Wacken!

The German punk rockers of Betontod honor us again! Betontod have released their new album Revolution earlier this year and this one is as always filled with catchy tunes.

The four guys from the Rogers released their first studio album in 2013 and have already written and released two more records since then. Musically, this is more modern than many comparable artists and we look forward to their debut in Wacken!

Fro-Tee Slips
The punk rock band Fro-Tee Slips will have a short journey next year, the bands comes from the town Flensburg in northern Germany. The band is active since nearly 30 years, but never made it Wacken – until now!

Evil Invaders
The Evil Invaders should have played Wacken in 2013 already, but the Metal Battle finalists signed a record deal before the festival started, which was against the rules of the competition. But now we can finally catch up on this missed opportunity, and we look forward to the Belgian Speed ​​Metal heroes!

Nocturnal Rites
After 10 long years without any new material, the Swedish Power Metal veterans Nocturnal Rites have finally released a new album that was fittingly christened Phoenix. Their last show in Wacken they played in 2006, so also about 10 years ago. Now the band is back to their old strength and we look forward to their return to Wacken!

The Hanoverian dark rockers of Unzucht will be at Wacken for the first time too! The band started to conquer the scene with their first EP in 2009 and went on tour with big acts after just a short time already. The strategy worked well for them, they got a lot of fans and released some great albums already. We can’t wait to welcome them at Wacken!

Mr. Big
Don’t make the mistake of reducing Mr. Big to the two-three hits known in the mainstream – that does not do them justice! Founded in 1988, the US Hard Rockers have released their ninth studio album this year and once again, it has become a great one. Vocalist Eric Martin rocked Wacken with Avantasia already and we are very curious to see him performing with his own band at our stages!

The necessary pinch of New York Hardcore will come from Madball in 2018! The band started as a side project of Agnostic Front in the late 80s, but quickly emancipated from this status. A reputation as an excellent live band in combination with the very successful first albums led to a great fanbase quickly. The musicians have never stopped to distribute acoustic ass-kickings and we look forward to their W:O:A debut!

The band Dokken was named after their singer and founder Don Dokken and comes to Wacken for the second time! So far, the band had only rocked Wacken once in 1999 and a lot has happened since then. The band is usually called a Hard Rock act, but also the labels Glam and Hair Metal could match. Since its founding in 1979, 11 studio albums have been released, the last one was recorded in 2012. But a new album will be released in the summer of 2018!

Also Sarke have not been our guests for a while, so far they only played in 2009 in Wacken. The Norwegian band unites musicians like Nocturno Culto and Sarke and thus the DNA of many great bands (like Darkthrone, Satyricon, Borknagar and many more) in one project. Musically we get a mixture of Black Metall, Thrash and Doom. But there are also some classical rock elements!

Spoil Engine
This five-member band from Belgium and Holland has been rocking the stages with high energy, since its founding in 2004. This year, their fourth album “Stormsleeper” was released, and it contains once again their very own mix of melodic Death Metal, Metalcore and a thick slice of groove.

Manilla Road
We finally will be able to welcome the American Heavy & Power Metal band Manilla Road in Wacken! Founded in 1977, the band is considered to be one of the co-founders of Epic Metal. The band released their eighteenth studio album “To Kill A King” earlier this year, which is a great homage to the seventies.

Feuerschwanz will rock Wacken for the fifth time already! The band is mainly focused on rather ambiguous songs about alcohol and carnal desires and the live shows are wild parties. We expect a superb happening here!

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