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New X-mas bands for Wacken 2018!

Atmospheric melodies paired with the harsh Icelandic nature, this is the essence of Sólstafir. The roots of the band lay in the rugged Scandinavian Black Metal, but not much of this style is left in their music nowadays. The band has evolved continuously in the direction of post rock and metal, creating a unique kind of magic!

John Diva & The Rockets Of Love
John Diva and his men are going to hit Wacken again! The shrill glam band leaves presents the greatest hits of the Hard Rock and Glam & Hair Metal scene in a more than fantastic show. Already in 2014 and 2015 the band rocked the W:O:A, now it’s time for the third round!

Hate Squad
The German Thrash Metal band Hate Squad is going to shake W:O:A once again! The band will play here for the third time and again they will present us their very own blend of Thrash Metal with elements from Death Metal and Hardcore. 

Cutting Rock’n’Roll, combined with cruel Black Metal – Alfahanne are kicking asses! The Swedish band is active since 2010 and starteted to conquer all the black hearts in no time. Their current album “Det Nya Svarta” was released in April 2017 and brings the rocking apocalypse to everyone out there.

The British new wave legend Fischer-Z can look back to a turbulent history. Founded in 1977, the band toured with artists as diverse as the Dire Straits and Bob Marley, sold more than two million records and played over 3,000 concerts. They are pioneers of the post punk genre and we look forward to their hits like “Battalions Of Strangers” or “Cruise Missiles”.

The German medieval rockers are undoubtedly W:O:A veterans – since their first show in 2004, they visted us four more times already. Schandmaul concerts are always a fun affair that combines rocking party anthems like “Walpurgisnacht” as well as romantic love songs and ballads. And everything in between.

The Scottish progressive rock musician Fish will come to Wacken in 2018 for the first time! Fish became known as a singer of Marillion in the 80s. In the course of his solo tours, he plays both Marillion classics as well as self-written solo songs.

The band Skyline from Wacken is firmly connected to the W:O:A. In keeping with tradition, they will again be opening the main stages with a colorful program of heavy metal hits!

Leaves’ Eyes
With Nightwish and Epica, we have already announced some great Symphonic Metal bands – and today we can add another one! Leaves’ Eyes are not only dedicated to the “classic” Symphonic Metal themes such as love, nature a but also to Nordic mythology and the Vikings and their history. Last year the band introduced the new singer Elina Siirala and a new album with her will be released in January 2018.

Zeal & Ardor
The project Zeal & Ardor, created by Manuel Gagneux (alias Birdmask) is described as one of the most exciting new developements within the metal genres. The musicians are mixing Gospel and Black Metal sounds in an exciting way. It’s hard to describe their very special sound, you need to hear it by yourself. If you are into experimental metal, you should check it out for sure!

Kellermensch are a Danish Experimental Rock phenomenon of the highest quality! The classical rock lineup is joined by a double bass, an organ and a piano to create a very unique sound. Their debut album brought the band almost immediately to all sorts of big stages in 2009, but after the first tours they kind of disappeared again. This year, the band finally released their second album, “Goliath”, and once again it gets great critics and contains strong songs.

Dying fetus
When Dying Fetus returns to Wacken, 16 years have passed since their first and so far only W:O:A show! In the meantime, the band wasn’t idly: The American Death Metal heroes have released several albums. The last one is called “Wrong One To Fuck With” and it shows one important thing: They still kick asses!

Since their very acclaimed show at W:O:A 2017, Clawfinger have been licking blood again. The crossover / rap metallers released a new single a few months ago and 2018 is the 25th anniversary of their legendary debut album Deaf Dumb Blind. The band is celebrating this with us with a special anniversary show and this will be also the only German festival show in 2018.

In the summer of 1996, the men Abbath, Pez and Tore decided together to found a tribute band in honor of their favorite act Motörhead. The three musicians, whom we also know from acts like Immortal and Dark Funeral, are friends since their childhood days and were welded together by Bömbers once more. Anyone who has ever seen the band live will surely confirm: Bömbers from Bergen are the ultimate Motörhead tribute band!

The Norwegian Folk Metal Trollfest will be attending W:O:A for the first time in 2018! The name of the band describes the band quite good: The lyrics primarily treat trolls or parties. Or trolls who celebrate a party. It’s a little bit hard to tell, because the musicians use the fictional language Trollspråk for their songs – a language invented by themselves which consists primarily of (wrong) German and Norwegian. Skål!

The German Hard Rock legend Bonfire will play a very special & exclusively show at Wacken in 2018! The 30th anniversary of their Firework album is coming and the band wants to celebrate this with us and you. Some very special thingsare planned, which we will introduce to you in early 2018. So look forward to the return of Bonfire, who will visit us for the second time after 20 years!

For the Wasteland Stage, we are able to announce the French Industrial / Electro Metal act Herrschaft! The French musicians are rocking the stages since 2004 and in 2018 they will conquer our Wasteland for the first time. We’re looking forward to it!


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