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More new bands for Rock for People announced!

They travelled the world, they drank from the fountains of madness, they nibbled at the forbidden fruits of wisdom and laved at the shores of freedom. They are vagabonds, united by their wish to crush frontiers, tear down walls and open dams. Not only with their music, but also within our hearts. They will stop at nothing until they achieved this and absolutely refuse to take any prisoners whatsoever. Enter Gasmac Gilmore, sinners galore and the massively rocking heralds of a new age.

Some things can’t and shouldn’t be explained. They should be sensed. Gasmac Gilmore is one of them. A Viennese band consisting of members who one day felt that pure Death Metal just wasn’t enough anymore. A band boldly engrossing all the dichotomies of the unmatched indulgence and morbidity of their home town on four prior albums.

Their post-punk is crude and honest right to the bone. Their concerts wring from the fans their own sweat and blood. “Punk is not dead, but it`s on the drops” writes the British reviewer, he highlights the exceptional of Idles: “In the flood of good and worse punk bands living out of the remnants of the former fame, suddenly appears a band which exceeds various rock bastards and posthillists. It`s not pure punk, but the basic message – honesty, anger and energy..”

Idles notice the uncertainty and growing fears among the ordinary people who are out of the prominent circle of London`s elite.

In one interview Joe Talbot says: “Our aim isn’t to start a revolution, but we talk about politics in the pub, so it’d be weird if we didn’t sing about it”

Journalists and music experts talk about Thurston Moore just in superlatives. He is founder and key member of the legendary Sonic Youth. While David Fricke sees him as the 34th largest guitar player of all time in Rolling Stones

His last solo album has taken on a compelling reviewer`s summary: “Purists will always snap at the end of Sonic Youth, but who cares about the past when it has a band like this!” Thurston Moore and his longtime partner Steve Shelley at the drums, Bass player Deb Googe, known from My Bloody Valentine, and second guitarist James Sedwars from Nøught, will surely confirm this year for Rock for People.

Hailing from the streets of Melbourne, Australia, Dub FX became a signature icon of vocal looping and beatboxing. A few years after his early recognition as one of the most outstanding street music artist Dub FX conquered stages across the globe. His signature sound of merging dub, drum’n’bass, dubstep, grime, reggae could easily be recognized after the first few seconds. In the recent years he changed his set and involved other musicians to join his one-man project, so what you can experience at Rock For People: is a kick-ass update of DubFx SoundZ.

This rock band was put together ten years ago in Watford, UK in high school where guitarist and singer Mike Duce met guitarist Ben Sansom. Soon the EP appeared and the first album was released in 2009. Their biggest single tour of the UK was crowned by sold out London Roundhouse. This year in February come up with fifth album Safe In Sun.

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