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More bands from Wacken X-mas calendar!

Nails is one thing above all: Brutal! Death, hate and violence are their topics and the songs get straight to the point – a complete album with 10 songs can come to only 15 or 20 minutes run length. The band was founded in 2007 and doesn’t has to hide from the veterans of the Hard/Grind/Power/Whatever-core scene. If you like a good punch in the face, you shouldn’t miss them at Wacken 2018!

The German band Attic pays tribute to bands like Mercyful Fate, Pentagram and Judas Priest, but they have created their very own sound by doing this. Occultism, satanism and horror are the topics of choice, which are already brought to the public with two albums. Wer’re looking forward to a devilish fun!

Riot V
“Swords and tequila, carry me through the night!” Riot V will rock Wacken finally! The Americans were simply known as Riot until 2012 and have been active since the 70s. Under this name they also played in Wacken, back in 1998. After the death of guitarist and founding member Mark Reale, the musicians decided to continue under the name of Riot V with a new lineup. The band started out as a classic heavy metal band but is also considered to be an influential co-founder of American power metal.

“Vodka, wipes away your tears” says the Korpiklaani hit vodka – but this confirmation shouldn’t generate tears at all. In 2009 the band visited us for the last time and now we can welcome them again. In the meantime, the band was anything but idle, the Finns have released three complete studio albums, a live album and several singles. Their songs pay homage to nature and mysticism, as well as alcohol. Welcome back!

Oomph! have rocked Wacken several times already – their first show here was back in 1996! Now it is time again, the German rock band will return once more to play another powerful show. 

The death metal project Vallenfyre is active since 2010 and gained a lot of attention already. Not without a reason, the musicians are known from acts like Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride and the sound combines Entombed, Bloodbath and early Paradise Lost. 

Long Distance Calling
Long Distance Calling are one of the spearheads of the German post-rock scene. The band creates its very own cosmos with its unmistakable sound. We are looking forward to their debut!

The Charm The Fury
The Charm The Fury comes to W:O:A from the beautiful Netherlands, more precisely from Amsterdam. Founded in 2010, the band already got a nice hype ind some countries and is hailed as a great hope for a new Metalcore generation. Germany should not be spared and we look forward to the upcoming demolition in Wacken!

Diablo Blvd
The two today’s bands are not only announced together, also a shared ride to Wacken offers itself here – from Belgian Antwerp we present you the heavy band Diablo Blvd! The band has released its fourth studio album this year, which is not without reason called one of the best albums of the year by some magazines. 

The Finnish masters of epic Melodic Death Metal have only played at Wacken once, back in 2006. Now it’s time for the second round! For some years, there have been no new material from the band, but 2017 brought a lot of exciting things! Financed by a crowdfunding campaign, the third studio album The Forest Seasons was released, which is just as good as the first two albums. And that’s not all: Further campaigns, new albums and, of course, great concerts are planned too!

Blues Pills
Even we find it a bit strange, that the Blues Pills haven’t played in Wacken yet – but now the time has come! The Swedes have whirled the scene sustainable and helped to launch a new retro wave. Already the first two albums of the band could place themselves in the Top 10 of the German album charts and it rained awards and praise from all sides.

With Converge we present you one of the bands that are considered the inventors of Metalcore! The Americans are making the stages unsafe since 1990 and many modern bands call the band an important influence for their own style. The band’s 9th album, The Dusk in Us, was released this year, and it got an insane Metacritic score of smooth 90 points with it. 

Gaahls Wyrd
The Norwegian Black Metal mastermind Gaahl finally returns to Wacken! So far, he and his colleagues of Gaahls Wyrd have been playing the material of his old bands Trelldom, Gorgoroth and God Seed live, but new songs are already planned. Welcome back to Wacken!

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