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Another batch of bands for Rock for People 2017!

Rock for People are busy with announcing new bands for the 2017 edition, here are the new names on the bill!

Czech musical roots influenced by British music scene and sold out shows. That’s songwriter, singer and pianist Lenny.

Energetic disco-balcan which is fusion of traditional balkan music, disco, cheap pop and dirty house.

We on the Moon are the Pop-Rock Alternative band based in the Czech Republic, Brno and Prague. The band is mostly influenced by the likes of Deaf Havana, Mayday Parade, You me at Six, Fall Out Boy and All Time Low, who they were supporting on their Czech show.

Guys from Ostrava who are enjoing to combine posthardcore with electronic music.

Rock’n’Roll band from Reading. They will release their debut album this May.

They are from Leeds. They play rock’n’roll and they are currently on a tour with their friends from While She Sleeps band.

Hypnotising audiences worldwide with their signature brand of country, blues and irresistible authenticity, Cash Savage and the Last Drinks are an award-winning six-piece with a live performance hailed among Australia’s best.

Prague Conspiracy is one of the leading club bands. Their domain is live performances, which characterize the energetic manifestation and the truly upbeat world-class show, which is gaining more and more fans not only in Bohemia. Due to its relatively short existence, which the band dates from 2010, it was able to play over 400 concerts. Prague Conspiracy builds on sharp guitar riffs, catchy melodies and striking rhythm. Sexy singer Aneta with her voice and visualizing lightens hard rock influenced by punk and makes the band available to a wide audience.

Pup punk/ emo from the Czech republic.

Three crazy Czech boys who play pop punk.

Silver Springs is probably the only band in the world which been set up in Los Angels and the first concert played in Liberec in the Czech republic. This crew represents tradition of alternative and indie rock. Their music idols are Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon or Bon Iver.

Insania band has fluctuated to the edge of hardcore and metal. After a few concerts of this controversial crew in 1988 state police limited their production because of their text. In 1992 founding member Poly rebuild Insania band with a new composition. Creation of this band is influenced for example by natural mysticism by J. R. R. Tolkien.

Imodium is one of the most successful young Czech bands. Till now, they have come up with three studio albums and one live album. With hundreds of played concerts it has become one of the best live bands in the Czech republic. On Rock for People, Imodium will introduce itself with Kolinanka orchestra.

Kníry band is composited from 7 members and they are from Plzen. This guys play rock’n’roll and they have three-member brass section. The number of their funs is quickly rising.

Loco Loco is a boyband from Prague which play rock and screamo with elements of reggae, hip hop and punk. They started with live concerts in January 2012 and they are not afraid of any interconnection of genres. The band has been working with many artist for example the American band Dog Eat Dog, Dr. Kary, Mário Bihári, Status Praesensts, Matahari or Tokhi.

Debbi started her career in the first Czech-Slovak Superstar. At the age of six, se started to play piano and aroused her musical genes coming from her family. Debbi is currently releasing new album Break.

Nano is an indie electro pop quartet that combines rock’n’roll energy and powerful melodies with a melancholy touch into a unique musical experience.

Holden band has been on the music scene since 2010, formerly called Holden Caulfield. Name change brings also change in production. Their first album Hopetown was in English, the second album Střepy v postelích is sung in Czech. Their music is characterized as a melodic rock with punk, funk blues and ska elements.

Music of this young couple could be specified as a unique combination of dream pop and indie folk. Teepee is a new rising name of the Czech independent scene.


Rock for People will take place at the Festivalpark in Hradec Kralove on 4.-6. of July 2017. You can buy your tickets at the festival’s official website.

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