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Album Reviews
Album Review: ENEMY OF REALITY – Arakhne

Arakhne is one of the best releases in Symphonic Metal that I have listened to in a very long time. Enemy Of Reality brings a fresh look to the genre dominated by longtime heavy-hitting bands. I highly recommend this album to anyone who is a longtime fan of this genre.

Album Reviews
Album Review: SEVEN KINGDOMS – Decennium

When we talk about power metal acts, we tend to focus mainly on the European countries that molded and defined the genre with their cream of the crop acts. However, in this discussion the United States is seldom represented. Florida metal act, Seven Kingdoms, look to change that with their crowdfunded release of Decennium.

Album Reviews
Album Review: VITA IMANA – Oceanidae

For Spanish sextet VITA IMANA, there is more to groove metal than a momentary union of chaos and broken bones. What puts this band in a different league is a strong spirituality that shines through each phase of instrumentation.