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Femme Fatale: October 2016 – GISSETTE VALENTIN

Hello, Gissette! I’m so glad we finally got to feature you as one of AntiHero Magazine’s Femme Fatales. I knew it was going to happen but just wasn’t sure when! Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

Well first off, Hello! 🙂

I am a dancer, actress, and model. Now living in Atlanta, GA. Ive been in this industry for about ten years now. I enjoy every moment! I’m pretty laid back and every now and than my goofy side rises from the dead, if I like you. HAHA. As a whole I just enjoy good energy and having a good time with good people!

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Name: Gissette Valentin

Hometown: Oviedo, FL
Occupation: Dancer, Actress, and Model

Instagram: @gissettevalentin
Facebook: @gypsywyldcb
Twitter: @gissetteelisha
YouTube: @GissetteValentin
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Usually I take this time to ask our models how they got started in modeling but you have a ton of talents so tell us how you got into modeling, acting and dancing. Did one lead to the other?

I started dancing at the age of nine, in my garage. I would watch a bunch of old films and music videos and just mimic what I saw. I would try and finish my homework in school just so that I could go straight into my garage and dance for hours. Eventually I started training in acting and modeling around the age of 12. I took a few class but I was so shy that I stopped going. I told my mom I had a headache on the last day of class haha.

I know with the Cherry Bombs, you act with your character. Who is GypsyWyld?

GypsyWyld is a strong, yet sensitive character. Open to learning about a persons thoughts and emotions. What “moves” them, what turns them on and taking that to the stage. Making the audience feel desired and sexy!

I know you stay busy with your acting, dancing and modeling. How do you spend your time when you finally get a chance to relax?

I’m a bit of a nerd haha. I like to read deep shit when I’m relaxing ha!! The stuff that makes you wonder about the human existence and the world. BUT I also enjoy a good comic book or two….maybe three! I just recently got hooked on World of Warcraft too!

What advice would you have for people who want to follow your footsteps?

Best advice I can give, don’t follow in MY footsteps. Find what makes YOU happy and what works for YOU and go for it! Never look back, allow yourself the freedom to be you and know that it’s okay to make mistakes and fall short. Its how we learn what works and what doesn’t. But in the end, never stop pushing!

I know Cherry Bombs are all about the rock! Tell me some of your favorite bands/artists that really move you and why.

What can we expect to see from you in the future? Can you talk about any upcoming plans?

Right now, as an actress, I’ve been working on some self-written/directed indie projects. Thrillers. And of course, Cherry Bombs have some big things in the near future! We’re shooting out new calendar…. MAKE SURE YOU BUY YOUR COPY….and some crazy shows that we can’t talk about JUST yet. You can follow us on our fb page, Cherry Bombs, to see what they are!!

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Photos by Maq Brown Photography

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