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Angie Starr
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Femme Fatale: December 2016 – ANGIE STARR

Angie, thank you for being a part of the Antihero Magazine Femme Fatale family! Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

Thank you for including me!!! My love of cats and video games makes me appreciate my days off at home, but you can mostly find me “adulting” during the week as an SAQ Project Coordinator, and Dancing my heart out in the weirdest, most fun, costumes on the weekends as a Go-Go Dancer at various events and festivals.

Angi Starr

Name: Angie Starr

Hometown: Kepler-186f (Space Jokes)
Occupation: SAQ Project Coordinator by day, and Go-Go dancing, Cosplay model on the weekends.

Instagram: @MissAngieStarr
Facebook: @DancingAngieStarr @MissAngieStarr

So you are genuinely a fan of video games, “nerdy” movies, comics, etc. Where did all this come from? What were your first interactions?

I’m totally dating myself here, but one of my earliest memories is my mother sitting me down in front of her green screen IBM computer and showing me how to type commands into DOS to play games like Captain Comic, and Alf. Fast forward a few years and I attended my very first fan based comic and gaming convention called DragonCon and from there went full speed into costuming.

To top off the “sexy nerd” thing you have going you are also a traveling go-go dancer. How did you get started with that?

In my baby book under “What do you want to be when you grow up” baby Angie answered “Dancer!” I’ve ALWAYS loved dancing. I started getting paid for my skill in 2002 when a friend asked me to be one of the dancers with her at a club called Fever. It was described to me as getting to wear the most fun coordinated costumes, having my own dance space, and getting to dance to some of the best DJ’s in the world! I’ve just networked from there, and have danced for festivals, and events all over the USA! I consider myself very lucky for so many wonderful opportunities. Plus, it keeps me in great shape!

Oh, and you’re a cosplay model, the hit’s keep coming. Tell us more about that. What makes cosplay modeling more interesting to you than just traditional modeling?

Being an actual fan of comics, anime, and gaming I really enjoy dressing as my favorite characters. Getting to express my love for the art is not only fun, but getting into character is always a good time! I guess I prefer cosplay modeling over your traditional glamour or fashion types mainly because it’s something I am most passionate for.

Between the Conventions and dancing you must have some great stories. What are your weirdest moments?

This is a hilarious question. I have so many. I’ll just tell my favorite. The very first time I attended Dragon Con (A fan based comic and anime convention) I was invited up to a room party by a man dressed as the incredible Hulk. Naturally, I said YES! I was wearing a costume I had just thrown together with a girlfriend of mine, so we matched. I was dressed as my own character a “Space Kitten” complete with functional space gun that blew bubbles. Anyway, upon entering the hotel room I was greeted by another man dressed as a wizard and he was in a wheelchair. The first words spoken by this wizard man was “Boobs”, he literally just looked at me and said “Boobs”. Not “hello”, not “nice to meet you”, or “what’s your name”…but “Boobs” ha! Next, I was offered a drink. They called it their “Blue Elixir”. I thankfully accepted and no harm came of it. Needless to say, my first experience at a nerdy convention was a weird but fun time and I’ve gone back almost every year since!

Are there any other talents we don’t know about?

I’m USAF military trained to handle an M16.

I know you’re a fan of EDM but tell us about the ROCK!!! What gets Angie Starr moving? What are some of your favorite bands/artists?

The similarity between EDM and Metal is the energy. Being a dancer, I like music that makes me move. That solid beat that you can head bang to is the same one you can dance to.

In the past couple years I’ve seen some amazing shows. Motley Crue’s last tour (twice!), Avenged Sevenfold (twice!), Rob Zombie, and Slipknot.

Avenged Sevenfold’s stage show is really what sold me on the band. The pyrotechnics are phenomenal! Slipknot is also amazing live, I mean who doesn’t love the keg drums and creepy masks!?

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Let me pull out my crystal ball…it’s just as I suspected. My future holds a lot more cosplay’s! I’m already lined up to dance several events around Atlanta and Alabama the next few months, and will be getting back into doing more live streams on my page online! Feel free to join me and laugh along with my random antics and gaming adventures.


Photos by Maq Brown Photography

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