Friday, 24 March 2017
Livia Ferraz
Photo by Maq Brown Photography

Femme Fatale: August 2016 – LIVIA

Hi Livia! Congrats on being the newest Femme Fatale for Antihero Magazine. What got you into the modeling world and how long have you been doing this?

Out of the blue my girlfriend, Anastacia called me on a Thursday in 2013 and said to me “You are coming to Orlando this weekend and competing in a beauty pageant.” At first I thought she was joking, but she wouldn’t take no as an answer. That weekend I went to Orlando and won four titles, I have been modeling ever since.

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Livia Ferraz

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Name: Livia Ferraz

Hometown: Destin, FL
Occupation: Customer Service Representative
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What is your main inspiration?

Growing up in Brazil I never felt pretty, I didn’t have a lot of friends because I wasn’t a pretty girl. Modeling makes me feel important and being in front of the camera boosts my self-confidence and makes me feel like a rockstar!

What is the ultimate goal you wish to achieve in the modeling industry?

I would love to one day be a spokesmodel for an International company, since I speak three languages.

What are some highlights in your career so far?

I have the honor of winning four titles in two separate competitions, the most honorable being World’s Most Beautiful Woman in World’s Perfect Pageant. I have been on the cover of Emerald Lifestyle Magazine, and most recently I am Miss May in the 2017 Liberty Belles calendar.

Let’s talk music! Who are some of your favorite artists or bands both growing up and today?

Growing up, hands-down is Dire Straits followed closely by Creedence Clearwater Revival because my Dad used to wake us up with music to start our day, and to this day that music reminds me of my dad.

Do you feel music has a place in the modeling industry? If so, where do you think that place is?

Music ads energy to your soul and that good energy is projected through your images and photos.

What can we expect in the future? Do you have any big plans?

You can expect me to appear in Playboy Magazine now that they no longer publish nudity. I plan to travel to my home country of Brazil and continue to pursue my modeling career.

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Photos by Maq Brown Photography

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