Sunday, 18 February 2018
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Independent and selective rock journalist & wordsmith, focused on strengthening the connections between a fan and the bands they follow through the words she writes. Specializing in interviews, music & show reviews, and candid photography; Cherri takes what she discovers and pounds the social media pavement to fuse the energy that music brings us with the bands that create it.

Interview: Ryan VanderWolk of DEATH RATTLE

death rattle

I caught up with DEATH RATTLE right as they were heading out for tour and so I had RYAN VANDERWOLK who plays guitar for the band fill out the infamous “Tour Email Interactive Interview” whilst they motored down the highway! Their record VOLITION dropped on October 20, 2017 and Lovelies, …

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Album Review: POWERMAN 5000 – New Wave

Powerman 5000

Who wouldn’t be intrigued by the cover art for POWERMAN 5000’s new record “NEW WAVE”? I mean, anyone that loves Frank from “DONNIE DARKO” (or finds that masked rabbit man wildly scary) and loves POWERMAN 5000 will bend like mercury and say, “Why, yes I will listen to this record…”! …

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Album Review: ALAZKA – Phoenix


RISING FROM THE ASHES TO NEW HEIGHTS, ALAZKA’S “PHOENIX” IS TRULY A REBIRTH There’s a possibility that upon hearing the first track or two off PHOENIX, that it bends your ear to a familiarity; and not just because there is something within the music either. It’s more than fitting into …

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