Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Album Review: DAVEY SUICIDE – Made from Fire

davey suicideWith a large amount of success not only just on tour but with their previous releases and positive press, California industrial metal outfit Davey Suicide plan to take the world by storm again with their third full-length release of Made from Fire. The band blends Heavy Metal, Industrial and Punk elements to create a very anthem drive sound that makes you come back for more.

Lead singer and founder of the band Davey Suicide states, “Rock fans haven’t gone anywhere, they just need a reason to fall in love again”-  a statement that I fully agree with. Most of the music in this time creates similar sounds, which I think has made the fans begin to turn away from the genre, but could Suicide be onto something with Made from Fire to give the fans of this genre a true reason to fall back in love with the music? Personally, I think, yes.

This was my first experience listening to this band and I can personally say that I enjoyed this album from start to finish. I’ve always been a huge fan of industrial, especially when it is done right and these guys did it right. From tracks like “No Angel,” “Rise Above,” and “Torture Me” that are strongly industrial-based in their execution and instrumentation, to the track that came as a shocker for me to be thrown into the mix, “Too Many Freaks,” – it has those same elements but added in some hip-hop and rap to create a very, “Nu Industrial” sound.

I have to give credit where credit is due, I think Davey Suicide are onto something with the music they are creating, it’s strongly rooted in elements that audiences find desirable and those same elements that attracted them to the genre in the first place, but the band add their own flair and sound to the structure, creating something very unique. This album gave me everything that I look for when it comes to the music I like, layers of sound and lyrical content. When you listen to the music it is 3-dimensional, it wraps around you creating atmosphere, sucking you in, keeping you there until the album is complete and then when complete, it leaves you wanting more. That is the music that I like to listen to.

You can give Made from Fire a listen when it is released on March 24th, 2017 or you can catch Davey Suicide on tour now with Dope, Combichrist and September Mourning.

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