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Album Review: BOBAFLEX – Eloquent Demons

BobaflexAfter the release of their 7th studio album in 2015, “Anything That Moves”, rockers Bobaflex are back and have released their newest addition to their discography on the world. Eloquent Demons is the 8th release from the band, gaining much attention with their cover of Pink Floyd’sHey You fans became eager to hear new original music from the band.

The 10 Track, 42-minute release does not disappoint on any level. With a unique blend of sounds that compare to those of the original Misfits and Ghost, Bobaflex have created a stand-out sound in a time of flat music. Eloquent Demons is not only an exceptional display of musical talent with the heavy guitar and drum work, but it is also a great display of songwriting. The lyrical content is not only dark and at times morbid, but well-structured and cohesive throughout the release.

For me the stand out tracks on this release were “I Am A Nightmare” and “Off With Your Head”. The first of the two is a heavy hitting Metal song, containing strong riffs, a ripping solo, punching drum work and soft but powerful vocals. I feel this song is Bobaflex at its best on this release. The track is well balanced and the sound is full and complete. The second caught me a bit off guard when the song opened with a soft acoustic riff, but the focus of “Off With Your Head” isn’t the instrumental work, it is the lyrical content. Anyone who has recently had to deal with a break up will love this track; the hook was by far my favorite part of the song, “And this whole time I’m thinking, off with your head, off with your head.” The whole song isn’t on the soft side, the band brings in the heavy tones in the chorus and bridge, creating a pleasing sound.

If you are a fan of the original Misfits and Ghost you will not want to miss this display of talent from Bobflex. Eloquent Demons is now available on all streaming and download sites. The band is also on tour, so you won’t want to miss your opportunity to catch these guys in action, tour dates are available on the band’s website, www.theofficialbobaflex.com.

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